Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up alerts for Reddit?

Tap the Create Alert button. Enter a keyword or phrase you wish to monitor. Get started by typing your keywords into the search box at the top of the app. You will see a preview of your Saved Alert in the box below. These are Comments and Posts that match your keyword(s). If you want to switch to an exact match for your keyword phrase you can choose the option in the drop down menu.
Unlike "Pager", "Alerts for Reddit", and "Notifier.so", Reply Guy monitors all 140,000 subreddits at once.

What keywords should I use?

It depends on your use case. Start by googling your area of interest and observe how people talk about your area of interest. If you're a brand, choose keywords that include your brand name, your competitor's brand name, your websites, and a description of common remarks on your product. For example, a skincare brand e.g. Curology may want to use the following keywords:

  • - "Curology"
  • - "Curology.com"
  • - "Subscription skincare"
  • - "Birchbox" (competitor)
  • - "Geologie" (competitor)
  • - "Personalized skincare"
  • - "Skincare discount"

How do I monitor URL mentions on Reddit?

Simply Tap the Create Alert Button. At the top of the Create an Alert page, switch to the Website URL page and type in or paste your URL into the search box.

Too many alerts?

Remember, we’re crawling all subreddits for you, that’s over 140,000 different communities. You may want to silence or block specific subreddits. If that’s the case, go to the My Alerts page, tap the Muted Subs page and enter the name of the subreddit that is giving you too much noise. This will remove chatter from this subreddit for all of your Saved Alerts. Try more specific keyword combinations relevant to your interests. When you Create an Alert you have the option to change the Match Pattern to an exact match. With this option, you will only receive Alerts for Comments & Posts with the exact keyword phrase you’ve entered. The Create an Alert page also has an option to exclude keywords in Saved Alerts. Try recreating your Alert with both of these options.

Not enough alerts?

Your Saved Alert is probably too specific. However, that doesn’t mean it will never trigger an alert. We highly recommend starting a Free Trial to keep as many Saved Alerts as you like. It will be easy to learn from the Reply Guy to figure out what people are talking about on Reddit - because, believe us, they are talking!

Do you want to change your app notifications or email notifications? Or, not receiving notifications?

Go to the Settings page in the app, you can set your app Notifications to None, All, Daily, and Weekly. Pro subscribers have the option to receive Email Notifications. You can receive a Daily or Weekly email with all of the activity from your Saved Alerts. Check your iOS settings by going to "Notification preferences" and scrolling down to "Reply Guy".

Am I signed into reddit?

You do not sign in to your Reddit account to use Reply Guy. You do sign into either your Google or Apple account to save your data.

Do I need the reddit app on my phone?

We highly recommend you have the Reddit app on your phone. Reply Guy designed to give you an alert and the opportunity for a quick response time. If you’re signed into your Reddit account on the official app, you will be able to quickly get a response off and switch back to Reply Guy. Future releases of Reply Guy will allow you to quickly respond in the app, but for now keep Reddit on your phone.

Is Reply Guy free?

Reply Guy is free to set up with one Saved Alert. You will be able to try out the service, change most of the settings in the app, and reply to all mentions for the one Saved Alert. Reply Guy costs $14.99/month (or $11.25/month if you sign up for a year) for all Pro features. 20% of subscription revenue is donated to open source.

How can I cancel my Free Trial or subscription?

If you signed up in the Reply Guy app, open the App Store, find your Account page (usually the icon in the top right of the screen), hit the Subscriptions page and you will find Reply Guy under Active Subscriptions. There will be an option to modify your Subscription or to Cancel Free Trial.

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If you have any further questions please contact us at support@replytool.app